EO Products All Purpose Soap - Lavender 32 oz.

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EO® All Purpose Cleaner is the ideal choice for all your cleaning needs. It is an extremely effective grease cutter that produces a rich lather that is gentle on sensitive skin. All it leaves behind is a great clean and the light, fresh scent of pure Essential Oils. Use it to remove grime as it safely and effectively cleans floors, counters, bathrooms and kitchens. Cleans and polishes glass, windows, mirrors, porcelain, unlacquered metals, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron cookware, tires and tools. Outside, this All Purpose cleaner is perfect for siding, exterior doors and more. A perfect companion to take along on your next camping trip. Use it anytime and every time you need a good honest clean.

Squeaky Clean and Fragrant

There is nothing that compares to the fresh and nurturing scent of Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender has a diverse range of healing, antiseptic, and therapeutic benefits. At EO® we use Pure Lavender Essential Oil, cultivated in the Pacific Northwest. Our Lavender is sourced locally to create a refreshing All Purpose Soap that cleans while soothing your senses.

  • Pure Lavender Essential Oil is soothing and refreshing.
  • Gentle Coconut Cleansing Complex creates a mild and gentle foam.
  • Works equally well in hot or cold, soft and hard water.
  • Formulated and balanced to skin pH with biodegradable surfactants.
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

Bottle lasted for 8 months! Love the smell and cleans amazing! I clean my floors dishes bathroom and laundry. I hate chemicals and refuse to breathe or handle them. If you get headaches or have bad allergies this product is good due to its lightweight aroma. Thanks EO!!

Incredible cleaner with great aroma! This works on everything in your kitchen: countertops, dishes, sink, stove top, table, floors and even the windows. No sticky residue and you do not need to use much. I will have to try it out in the laundry.

I just visited a friend that had this AMAZING soap. I used it for everything in the kitchen countertops, refrigerator, tile flooring, stove top and even the windows. It did a great job without leaving a residue. It was also pleasant to use because it did not tear up my hands or nails and it smelled wonderful not toxic!