French Lavender Shower Gel 16oz.

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Best of Natural Beauty Awards Winner 2010

EO® French Lavender Shower Gel gently cleanses with pure essential oils & organic herbal blends to soothe & nourish the skin. The proprietary EO® Moisturizing Complex is a sophisticated blend of extracts from Hops and Fig Amino Acids to provide essential elements for efficient skin hydration and softening. Our richly foaming Coconut Oil Cleansing Complex gently cleanses without drying. Glycerin, Allantoin, and Panthenol, natural humectants and moisturizers, hydrate and nurture skin.

  • Aromatic French Lavender Essential Oil heals and nurtures.
  • EO® Moisturizing Complex utilizes key botanical extracts, Amino Acids and Moisturizers to replenish body radiance.
  • Vegetable Glycerin, a natural humectant, attracts moisture to skin to maintain optimal hydration balance.
  • Allantoin, from the comfrey plant is renowned for its ability to soothe and support healthy skin.
  • Naturally derived plant Panthenol (Vitamin B) is naturally hydrating and deeply penetrating to add essential moisture and smooth skin surface.
  • Organic Calendula, Chamomile and White Tea botanicals harmonize and support a glowing complexion.
  • Rich Rice Proteins deeply penetrate giving a revitalizing, gentle cleanse.
  • pH Balanced and Biodegradable coconut cleansing complex creates a gentle foam to clean naturally.
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Smells wonderful, really invigorating in the morning but does not make you smell like lavender after rinsing it off. It's moisturizing but skin feels really clean. Highly recommend.

This is a staple in my home. Smells wonderful. Cleans without irritation,rinses clean-non drying

I've been useing the product for a few years. It smells like a little bit of heaven and I feel so pampered when I use it. It is very hard to find here in NJ. I am so glad to be able to purchase it through the web. Now I can use this natural product with abandon!