Tame Curl Control Gel 6oz.

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EO® Coconut & Vanilla Curl Control Gel brings out the natural curl or wave in your precious locks. This nourishing formula conditions and strengthens hair naturally with nurturing botanicals. Ultra hydrating Aloe Vera and Glycerin humectant properties lock in moisture to leave curls, shiny, soft and bouncy without ever being dry or crunchy. Curl Control Gel minimizes bulk by defining each curl and eliminating frizz to provide long lasting hold and shine. Curls are left radiant and luscious for all day style.

  • Curly Hair Complex of Linden, Marshmallow, Jojoba and Lemon Balm pampers curls naturally.
  • Hibiscus, rich in Alpha Hydroxy and Amino Acids, rehydrates keratin fibers adding luster and smoothness.
  • Gotu Kola revitalizes hair follicles to improve promote healthier, more vibrant locks.
  • Panthenol aids in moisture retention, increasing elasticity and thickening hair.
  • Quinoa Protein, high in Amino Acids, fortifies, conditions and repairs hair.
  • Aloe Vera improves scalp health with powerful antioxidants.
  • Vegetable Glycerin softens hair by locking moisture into the hair shaft.
  • Organic Calendula, Chamomile and White Tea botanicals harmonize and replenish.
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When will you have more of this product available? It's the only product I have found to control my naturally curly/wavy hair. I am out!!!!!

Why did they stop making this gel? I can't find it anywhere in the Bay Area and when Whole Foods checked on the computer it said discontinued! Does anyone know a comparable gel? I'm almost out! Thanks.

OMG - Please do not stop making this product. I have curly hair and there is no other product on the market like this. Honestly, this is the best!!!