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Embracing Our Local Community

Homeward Bound:

Homeward Bound

EO Products has chosen to partner with Homeward Bound of Marin by providing ongoing donations of Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner for their centers.  It is important to us here at EO to give back to our community and help out those who live in it.  Be it a shower that starts your day, or the shower that eases you to sleep, the feeling of warm water, and the smell of clean, is a universal ahhh, and one that EO strives to one day provide for shelters throughout the country.

Homeward Bound first started out as The Marin Housing Center in 1974.  Their first shelter was a 5000 square foot tent, located at various spots throughout the county.  When Congress passed the Base Closure Act in 1994, Hamilton Navel Air Base become its final stop.  1996 was the year of the name change, and mission of, “opening doors to safety, dignity, and independence.”  And in 2000, the Homeward Bound’s New Beginnings shelter opened, and began its journey on a permanent solution to homelessness, by providing permanent solutions to homelessness by providing long-term transitional and permanent housing for families and adults.  And in 2010, they have grown:

  • The Next Key Center, Novato, CA, 415-382-3363
  • Mill Street Center, San Rafael, 415-457-9651
  • New Beginnings Center Novato, CA, 415-382-3363
  • Family Emergency Center, San Rafael, CA, 415-454-7418, and the
  • Voyager Carmel Center San Rafael, CA, 415-459-5843.

Please visit Homeward Bound’s website at: http://www.hbofm.org/ to learn more, and see how you can join forces with EO Products  to make a difference and help us to help us to help others, and that is the most one can hope to do to give back.

Delancey Street:

Delancey Steet

EO has added Delancey Street to our program of Community Outreach. On an ongoing basis, we donate shower gel for each of the residents, and ongoing drums of product to resuse our environmentally sustainable packaging. We believe that reaching out to these individuals on the cusp of rehabilitation is that work that we can do to support them in their efforts and restructuring their lives. Delancey street will be a continuing part of our Community Outreach program as we partner to make a difference.

Delancey Street is the country's leading residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. Started in 1971 with 4 people in a San Francisco apartment, Delancey Street has served many thousands of residents, in 5 locations throughout the United States. Residents at Delancey Street range from teenagers to senior citizens, and include men and women and all races and ethnicities. The average resident has been a hard-core drug and alcohol abuser, has been in prison, is unskilled, functionally illiterate, and has a personal history of violence and generations of poverty.

The minimum stay at Delancey Street is 2 years while the average resident remains for almost 4 years – drug, alcohol and crime-free. During their time at Delancey Street, residents receive a high school equivalency degree (GED) and are trained in 3 different marketable skills. Beyond academic and vocational training, residents learn important values, and the social and interpersonal skills that allow them to live successfully in the mainstream of society.

Any act of violence, or threat of violence, is cause for immediate removal from Delancey Street. Interestingly, former gang members, who have sworn to kill each other, live and work together peacefully starting in dorm-rooms and moving up into their own apartments. Residents learn to work together promoting non-violence through a principle called “each-one-teach-one” where each new resident is responsible for helping guide the next arrival.

Haight Ashbury Free Clinic:

Haight Ashbury Free Clinic

EO is honored to partner with the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic as it engages with the community with donations of Sanitizing Gels, Liquid Hand Soaps, Body Lotions.

The Mission of Haight Ashbury Free Clinics is to increase access to healthcare for all and improve the health and well being of our clients. The Clinics provides free, high quality, demystified and comprehensive health care that is culturally sensitive, non-judgmental and accessible to all.

During the social revolution of the 1960s, the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics were established to help the thousands of young people on the street in the Haight Ashbury district whose lives were affected by drug and alcohol abuse, mental and physical problems. With nowhere to turn, they found treatment and support when traditional services turned their backs on them. Since then, The Clinics have grown to become one of the largest multi-service providers in Northern California.

In 2005, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics undertook a major initiative to integrate Primary Care with  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment by unifying these services with Case Management. To accomplish this, The Clinics collocated all outpatient services within its two primary care clinics by dramatically consolidating the number of facilities while at the same time increasing treatment space.  This unique client-centered approach is the hallmark of The Clinics' approach to health care  for San Francisco's most vulnerable populations.

Breast Cancer Fund:

Breast Cancer Fund

EO Products is honored to support the valiant efforts of the Breast Cancer Fund. We have risen to their challenge to find a cure for breast cancer by supporting their events and efforts. In particular  we have partnered with them on the following events:

  • Product Support for Heroes Celebration
  • Product Support for Climb Against the Odds
  • Product and Financial Donations to support the Annual Peak Hike
  • The Breast Cancer Fund works to connect the dots between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments. They translate the growing body of scientific evidence linking breast cancer and environmental exposures into public education and advocacy campaigns that protect our health and reduce breast cancer risk.  They help transform how our society thinks about and uses chemicals and radiation, with the goal of preventing breast cancer and sustaining health and life.

    They find practical solutions so that our children, grandchildren and planet can thrive. In response to the public health crisis of breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Fund identifies — and advocates for elimination of — the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease.

    Other Groups We Support

    There are many fine groups that we support in their efforts to realize positive change in our world, please read our entire listing of groups that we support.