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It’s clear that everyone’s Hair is different and that’s why what you need to make your hair radiate and shine might be totally different from what your friend needs. More incredible than how very different hair can be is the fact that what your hair needs changes constantly based on just who you are and what you do daily.

Your Hair Type is really determined by 4 Key Factors. Are you a swimmer constantly in and out of the water or are you out and in the sun working on your tan, maybe you live in a cold and windy city. All of these environmental, seasonal effects and lifestyle activities can affect the 4 key Hair attributes. To really personalize and optimize the hair care system that is right for you it’s really important to know the Four Key Factors of your hair:

Hair Volume

Hair volume is seriously all math, genes and science. You volume is determined by the following factors;

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to permanently increase hair volume because it’s something you are literally born with. You can maximize what you do have by making sure your hair is as healthy as possible through a balanced diet. Check below the volume type that best describes your hair:


Maximum hair volume type is often very strong and you're likely to have hard to manage hair. It can also be overwhelming especially if the hair is also curly. Deep conditioners, intensive treatments, leave-in conditioners and hair oils can add manageability to thick hair. Very straight, thick hair is often resistant to perms, and can be stubborn when trying to get it to hold a curl.


Medium hair volume type is the most versatile and has the widest range of possibilities. It's the most common hair volume and also the most manageable. Hair with medium volume generally holds a curl and takes well to chemical processes, including perms, hair relaxers and hair coloring.


Low hair volume type has strands that are very, very small in diameter. Thin hair tends to be weightless and have many flyaways. Frequently, low volume hair is straight, and won't hold a curl easily. Styling techniques, including combing and drying from the roots are helpful for adding volume. Hair care products that reinforce thin hair can also boost hair's "thin" look. Avoid heavier products, which will weigh the hair down and only use chemical processes with an extreme amount of care to prevent damage.

Still Not Sure?

An easy way to determine hair volume is by pulling your hair back into a ponytail. If the base of the ponytail is very slim—about the diameter of a dime— the volume of your hair is low. If you can see your scalp when your hair is wet then your hair is also low volume. A "two-fisted"—ponytail that looks almost like a true horse's tail has maximum volume. When your hair is wet, it covers your scalp without any scalp showing through. If you fall between these extremes, you have moderate volume which is the most common volume type.