EO® Comprehensive Fitness Program

The Ideal Solution for Fitness

All of our products have been formulated to be effective and kind to the earth using botanically based ingredients. EO®, the leader of truly natural and organic personal care for the fitness industry.

Indulge your senses with EO® personal care designed for the fitness minded individual. All products are made with natural and organic ingredients and use only 100% pure essential oils, chosen for their specific therapeutic benefits and rich and sensual scent.

EO® has chosen to offer its premium line of personal care to the health and fitness audience who seek products that are natural and perform. “Green” consciousness is growing and we must to our part. Together we can meet your customer’s needs.

Locker Room Amenities by EO®

  • A complete collection of locker room amenities, from lotion to shampoo, that will address all your members' needs.
  • Fixtures available for use throughout the facility.
  • Premium offerings of natural products that use ingredients with authentic and therapeutic benefits.
  • Promote your facility as natural as your members pamper themselves and indulge in the beautiful EO® experience.
  • EO® offers a full line of Retail Products as well as gifts.
  • Replace harsh chemicals and make your club smell great.

Real Products that Perform

EO® provides a full range of locker room amenities to meet your customer’s needs. From body lotions and hair products, to liquid soaps and hand sanitizers, our products perform time and again. Quality and reliability are our trademarks. We ensure consistency by making these products ourselves in our Marin County, California facility. We personally develop each formula, source ingredients, manufacture, label and ship each and every EO® product made.

We are All About Essential Oils

EO® knows that only essential oils of the highest quality can impart full health benefits. Essential oils are concentrated fragrant plant essences well known for their balancing and therapeutic properties. This is why we choose to formulate our products using these naturally nourishing properties allowing us the opportunity to tap into nature to support physical excellence.

We Value our Partners

We know that jointly we can support your clients as they seek out health and wellness. We can support you in serving these customers by providing quality products made with integrity. We encourage you to try the entire EO® offering. We are confident that both you and your customers will agree that our quality speaks for itself.

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