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Our Product Commitment


Here at EO® we are dedicated to making personal care products that nurture the people who use them, respect people who make them, and honor the planet we all share.

We think what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies. We like to know what’s inside our lotions, soaps, and shampoos. So, here at EO®, we research, develop, manufacture, and ship our own products. We didn’t dream of being manufacturers--it’s hard work and often thankless. But we learned that the only way to ensure that the quality inside every bottle was up to our standards was to make it ourselves.

Over the last twenty years, as we grew from mixing blends in a three gallon stock pot to producing hundreds of products in our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we learned a lot about the cosmetics and personal care industry. The more we learned, the more we resolved to fight for transparency.

We only share third party verified certifications on our labels, so we thought we’d outline what they mean, as well as mention a few things we don’t put on our labels.

USDA Organic Logo


This USDA seal means that at least 95% (excluding water) of the ingredients are organic. Although every single product we make contains organic ingredients, we only use the USDA Organic seal when all of the ingredients are certified food grade organic. Every product we make is made in our certified organic facility, and many of our ingredients are organic. We have been a certified organic manufacturer since 2004.

Non-GMO Logo


This seal means that the ingredients have been certified as containing no genetically modified organisms. Just like our organic certification, this seal is the same one used for food. We were the first personal care company to be certified non-GMO in 2011. All of our ingredients are GMO free, but only those that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project have the seal.

Synthetic Fragrance Free Logo


Our products are always free from synthetic fragrances and are only scented with pure essential oils. We will never use harmful synthetic fragrances. Ever. Not only do essential oils smell better than synthetics, they promote mind/body/spirit wellbeing with their aromatherapeutic effects.

Cruelty Free Logo


We don’t think beauty should come at the cost of other sentient beings. We have partnered with the Leaping Bunny organization to certify that our products are not tested on animals and that the ingredients we use do not harm animals in labs or in the wild.

Gluten Free Logo


All of our products are gluten free, so our customers that are sensitive or allergic to gluten can enjoy our products.

PCR Packaging


Most of our packaging is made from 100% PCR or Post Consumer Recycled plastic. All of our packaging is BPA Free. We are constantly working with our packaging partners to find new and better ways to package our products. With hundreds of bottles, it can be challenging to find distributors that carry the size or shape we need for a new product in 100% PCR. We use our volume orders and undying persistence to convince all of our suppliers to use PCR. We work tirelessly towards the goal of 100% PCR in all of our packaging.

B Corp Certified Logo


B Corporations value purpose, accountability, and transparency. They are for-profit businesses that put equal value on social and environmental issues as they do on profits. We have been working with the same values since day one, and we’ve been a certified B Corp since January 1, 2012. To join the B Corp community, we had to undergo a rigorous assessment, looking at areas such as transparency, governance, community, and environment. Check out our most recent B Impact assessment to see how we scored, or visit our B Corp profile page. To learn more about B Corporations, visit

EWG Verified Seal


When you see this seal, it means this product avoids EWG’s ingredients of concern, is committed to full transparency and operates under good manufacturing practices. By participating in the EWG VERIFIED™ program, we are ensuring our commitment to making healthier, safer products and providing consumers with credible information.

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