Courage To Care: Dispatches From The New Normal Courage To Care: Dispatches From The New Normal

Courage to Care

Courage To Care: Dispatches From The New Normal

One year ago, life changed forever. 

We were suddenly faced with figuring out how to survive a world that we no longer recognized due to both the undeniable fear and loss that arose from a global pandemic, and a broader awakening to society’s injustices. Our lives’ radius got much smaller, staying apart suddenly became an act of love, and we found ourselves redefining what in life was truly essential.

Here we are one year later, and while we may look the same behind our masks and new ways of life, what we see has shifted and what we want has evolved. 

Navigating through the daily minutiae during these times has taken a lot of effort, but looking past our fear to care for others has also taken a great deal of courage - often without our even realizing it. We’ve all witnessed others displaying everyday acts of caring in this time, and we’ve also been deeply touched and inspired by extraordinary gestures; both have so much power. Often it’s the little things we do for ourselves and others that matter - not just the BIG gestures, but the everyday moments (hello, masks!) that are so meaningful.

We believe that #everyonecares, which is why as a brand, Everyone has decided to share acts of courage, kindness, and caring. We’re in a different world, and we believe that demonstrating care for others means the world now more than ever. We also believe that in times of crisis, calm, exhaustion, unknowns, and everything in between, caring takes courage. 

Our new campaign shares the stories of regular people who believe that caring is mandatory. Across the nation many of our fellow citizens rose to the occasion simply because they saw a need in their communities, and they chose to do their part to fulfill a vision for the future that is good for all humans. These are the stories of friends, next door neighbors, coworkers, former classmates - in other words, people just like you.

While these stories celebrate the people behind them, this isn’t about perfection, gaining followers or projecting an image. Instead, these stories display the full range of emotions we’ve all experienced while trying to balance one’s survival with helping others in need.

Because as challenging as the last year was, there’s a whole lot that was wonderful too.

Head over to our story series to explore real people’s stories from the frontlines, classrooms, boardrooms, sidewalks, and living rooms. And if you’re feeling courageous, we invite you to submit your own story of finding the courage to care for your chance to be featured on our blog and social media.