Get To Know Everyone: Our Yep and Nope List Get To Know Everyone: Our Yep and Nope List

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Get To Know Everyone: Our Yep and Nope List

From adopting 100% recycled bottles to taking on a fresh new look, we’ve ushered in some pretty exciting changes here at Everyone. They’re the latest in our ongoing efforts to prioritize people and the planet, but these updates are also a move towards greater transparency for our customers. Knowing what’s in a favorite product and how it’s produced says a lot about a brand. That’s why for us, it’s important to ensure consumers understand everything from the ingredients we use to our practices - because we know these things matter to you. 

So in this post, we’re sharing insight into what Everyone is all about by giving you a closer look at our new labels.

We Say Yep To

Our commitment, first and foremost, is to create body safe products using plant-based ingredients. From the sugar cane-derived alcohol in our hand sanitizer, to botanical extracts like pure essential oils and plant-based moisturizers, it’s our mission to always seek out environmentally-responsible resources when formulating our products. 

Since each Everyone product is unique, we updated our labels to be more transparent and to help customers to be better informed about what they’re putting on their bodies. From the vegan status of our Ruby Grapefruit hand sanitizer, and our Meyer Lemon hand soap’s manufacturing in a zero-waste facility, to our 100% recycled bottles, our labels now reveal the multiple ways in which we choose to act responsibly. 

And last but certainly not least, each label reminds our customers that Everyone is and has always been a family business, and that our products are made with love. 

We Say Nope To

For lots of people, understanding what’s NOT in their body care products is just as important as knowing what is. So we made sure our new labels also include the Nope list pointing out the key ingredients and practices we steer clear of.

This is where customers are reminded that Everyone is a cruelty-free brand, and we conduct no animal testing whatsoever. We also make clear that harmful ingredients - from parabens, dyes and pthalates, to isopropyl alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and other harsh chemicals - are also not welcome in Everyone products.

Reach the end of the Nope list and you’ll see “No worries”, because making products that help you stay clean and healthy is what gives us peace of mind.

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