Honoring Father’s Day With Everyone Honoring Father’s Day With Everyone

Courage to Care

Honoring Father’s Day With Everyone

It’s dad’s time to shine! Finally, as with Mother’s Day last month, many of us will, at last, be able to celebrate Father’s Day with loved ones safely in person after a year of social distancing and lockdowns. 

While this holiday has always meant different things to different people, Father’s Day is about acknowledging the father figures in our lives (biological, chosen, and otherwise) and all the ways they continue to show up for us no matter how tough things get. And plenty of dads have had to go above and beyond to maintain normalcy for their families during the deeply unprecedented times of this past year.

So this Father’s Day, we hold space and acknowledge them all.

Black & Brown Dads

Over the last year, Black and brown fathers have had to contend with navigating fatherhood during a pandemic - and all the pivots to work, school, and family life that came with it - while also processing the news of police brutality, anti-Asian violence, and civil unrest. But what often ends up missing from narratives about BIPOC fathers is the joy and fulfillment they get from raising their children, the love and support they receive from their families, and the incredible strength it takes to endure despite it all. So to the BIPOC dads out there who rarely get the spotlight this time of year, we see you.

Gay & Trans Dads

Not all families look the same. While Father’s Day typically centers on the heteronormative experience, many loving families count gay, trans, and gender non-conforming fathers as endless sources of love, nurturing, and support. That’s why for us, part of celebrating Pride month means also recognizing the fathers in the LGBTQ community who have endured so much in order to be able to live their most authentic lives. They’re not only great examples for their children, but for the rest of us.

Dads Who Are Moms, Too

Father’s Day can be a mixed bag of emotions for many people. Some of us have lost a dad, never really had one in our lives, or aren’t in touch with the one we have for good reason. And in many of those instances, moms end up filling the void, only to be forgotten about in all the Father’s Day fanfare. So for all the moms who are doing everything - from working hard to bring home the bacon and manage the family’s day-to-day, to helping with homework and organizing the schedules - all on their own, we see you and salute you.

So, however Father’s Day looks to you, we celebrate the many paternal figures who always manage to show up and hold us down.