Honoring Mom & Maternal Figures This Mother’s Day Honoring Mom & Maternal Figures This Mother’s Day

Courage to Care

Honoring Mom & Maternal Figures This Mother’s Day

Life is beginning to take on a renewed sense of normalcy. And for some of us, that means being able to celebrate Mother’s Day after months of staying distanced for the health and safety of our loved ones. 

Honoring mom on Mother’s Day carries a different meaning for everyone, and may feel especially complicated after the year we’ve all had. But recognizing the myriad ways that the maternal figures in our lives - whether they gave birth to us, stepped into the role, or were chosen - work constantly to nurture, care, and show up for us no matter what is happening in the world is really what this holiday is all about.

So let’s hold space and acknowledge...

The Moms Who Wear All The Hats

While doing their best to manage the wildly unpredictable circumstances of last year, some moms took on additional roles as teacher, in-house IT expert, and work-from-home warrior. Others had to step away from their careers completely to care for their families full-time. How to honor mom on mother's day is entirely up to you, but be sure it includes an acknowledgment of everything she does for you on a regular basis (and trust us, it’s a lot).

The Expanded Definition of Mom

While Mother’s Day is considered a celebration of motherhood, this holiday isn’t just an acknowledgement for mother. For some, it’s about honoring the sibling, stepmother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, dad, or grandfather who raised and cared for us. And because not all of us have mothers or necessarily associate maternal influence with a blood relative, Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate our chosen moms: the friends, mentors, and hand-picked communities that are always there to nurture and support us.

New Moms and Mothers-To-Be

With a year of social distancing placing everything from baby showers to at-home and hospital visits on hold, new moms have had to navigate one of the biggest shifts in their lives without being able to lean on friends and family for live, real time support. Community means a lot to a mom experiencing pregnancy, birth, and caring for a newborn - and this Mother’s Day, we commemorate the new mamas who made it work.

Whether it’s to honor your mom, the person that raised you, the mother of your children, the community that supported you, or to recognize your own awesomeness as a mom, we celebrate it all for everyone this Mother’s Day, and we see you.