How to Have the Ultimate Spring Break At Home How to Have the Ultimate Spring Break At Home

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How to Have the Ultimate Spring Break At Home

Spring is the season of rebirth, and never before has that been more palpable. As vaccinations pave the way for reopenings, life is beginning to take on a sense of normalcy that most of us haven’t felt in over a year. But balancing the desire to get back to life and be around loved ones with the continuing need to help ourselves and others stay safe means it could be awhile before spring break looks the way it used to.

Spring break at home ideas can be hard to come by when life has centered around the same four walls for every bit of the last year. But when you’re unable to skip town, have yet to be vaccinated, or otherwise just feel more comfortable staying put, figuring out what to do at home during spring break is easy with a little creativity. So for families staying home for spring break, here are some ideas for making the most of your spring staycation.

Get Outside

Spending time outdoors has always been considered essential. Grab a blanket, pack some snacks and other supplies, and take the family or meet a few friends for some picnic fun in the sun! Even with more people venturing out, staying distanced can be a piece of cake: choose a local neighborhood park over the popular hiking trail or a major beach, and opt for a mid-week picnic instead of gathering on the weekend is a great way to avoid crowds. 

For families on staycation, fun spring break ideas at home are right at your fingertips. Try reimagining the outdoors, because everywhere from the backyard to the living room can serve as the perfect picnic site. Make being at home a special occasion by having everyone dress up in their most festive vacation wear every day. Bring the party vibe by adding fun tropical decorations and playing music that instantly puts everyone in vacation mode (reggae, Hawaiian music, or yacht rock should do the trick).

Then Get Involved

What better time than during spring, the season of renewal, to demonstrate your courage to care? Looser restrictions means more opportunities to volunteer. From helping out local food banks to helping ensure everyone in your neighborhood is safe by becoming a chaperone, there’s no shortage of ways to support your local community.

With spring break happening during Earth Month, now is also a great time to honor the planet. For those of us itching to be outside, participating in a beach or freeway clean-up is a wonderful way to give back while getting some much needed sun. While on regular neighborhood walks with the family, pick up litter along the way. And whether venturing out is on your Spring Break itinerary or not, there’s no shortage of environmental initiatives to support from the comfort of your own home.