3 Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation Every Day 3 Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation Every Day

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3 Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation Every Day

When it comes to powering through the uncertainty of the last year and continuing to serve their communities, teachers have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. Dramatically shifting the way they educate our children while also figuring out how to navigate a public health crisis doesn’t come with an instruction manual. And yet for these highly essential workers, showing up for their students every day was never in question. With the nationwide reopening of schools coinciding with Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7, now is a great time to get in the habit of showing the teachers in our lives some gratitude. Here’s how to show appreciation to your teacher in 3 ways, every day:

1. Ask how they’re doing.

Teachers put in a lot of work to keep students engaged and motivated during these times. From toggling between in-person and virtual learning (often in the same day) and recording instructional videos after work, to supporting students outside of school hours and working long nights and weekends, teachers have a lot on their plates. And that’s on top of also having to manage their own lives, families, and mental health. We ask a lot of our educators, so for anyone wondering how to show your teacher you appreciate them, start out by simply asking how they’re doing. Teachers field requests, inquiries, and complaints all day long; giving them a few minutes of your time to check in on them could go a long way towards brightening their day.

2. Acknowledge their hard work.

Educators have had to approach everything from their lesson plans to how they interact with students in entirely new ways, while also making sure to keep classrooms and other shared spaces clean and safe for everyone. One of the biggest lessons parents learned over the last year is that not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, so why not give them a boost by letting them know you recognize all the hard work they’re doing? Just like you, they are all doing the best they can - and it feels good to hear that every once in a while.

3. Say thank you. 

Teachers have had to overcome incredible odds to just be able to do what they do every day. Showing your appreciation with a heartfelt thank you can mean a great deal to someone managing multiple responsibilities, often with limited financial and technical resources. Let the teachers in your life know how much you appreciate them by writing them a thank you card or sending a grateful email. When it comes to more creative ways to show teacher appreciation, you can’t go wrong with a practical treat. Giving them a gift card for a local bakery or spa, or gifting them with one of our Community Care bundles to get them stocked up on hand sanitizer just in time for Back to School not only puts a smile on their faces - it also allows them to save their money for other things.

Teachers have shown up for everyone this year so let’s give them a hand - they deserve it!