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Here at EO®, we find that collaboration is a form of synergy. Imagine all the parts of a bicycle lying on a floor. The parts are whole, but they are not a bicycle. In order for them to become a bicycle they will need to be connected in relationship to each other. If they are put together in the right relationship to each other they will attain a cohesion that will result in a sum that is more than the total of its parts.


The same sort of cohesion can be attained with people. Take people with a common goal and put them together in the right relationship to each other and the result is creations that are more than any of the people would have come to alone.


Susan and Brad, our co-founders and co-CEOs, have been collaborating with each other for over twenty years. They share a common vision and passion but they are very different people. The dynamic exchange of ideas that arise from those differences allow for incredible products, relationships and innovations.


Brad and Susan value collaboration so much that our entire company’s culture is one of creative synergy. They seek out opportunities to create with like minded people who share a common vision. Below you will find the tangible results of EO’s collaborations.

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