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EO Amenities

Indulge the senses and pamper your guests with EO® Amenities.  Our Organic and natural formulations are made with complex essential oil blends chosen for their specfic aromoatheraputic benefits and rich, sensual scents. The EO® Amenities collection includes a comprehensive program for Spa|Hotel, Gym|Fitness, as well as Offices and Schools.


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EO Amenities Office
EO Amenities Hotels
EO Amenities Spa | Gym
EO Amenities Why Refill


Our selections of Shampoos, Conditioners, Shower Gels, Lotions and Hand Soaps are available in 1 Gallon Refill sizes to save you valuable time and money, Bulk product is less per ounce than singe uses bottles, and you'll save in disposal fees as wells as stafff time once you eliminate the daily routine of throwing away half used bottles. Three dispenser options are available.