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EO® Amma's Rose Perfume Oil 0.29 Oz

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Amma's Rose® - A rose and sandalwood essential oil-based perfume inspired and worn by Amma, the celebrated humanitarian from India. For the past 30 years, Amma has dedicated her life to the uplifting of suffering through the simplest of gestures - an embrace. Amma has created innumerable humanitarian services. She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community and is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader. At EO, we are deeply moved by Amma's work. Your purchase of these products contributes to funding Amma's humanitarian projects. Packaged in a .29 oz. Glass Vial.

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Susan and the humanitarian saint, Amma share a common vision of health and happiness for all people. This common goal led to the collaboration of EO and Amma in the creation of Amma’s Rose.

Amma is a humanitarian whose work has led her to be called a living saint. Her compassion is expressed in the profound simplicity of an embrace. She travels the world teaching people how to find and share the universal love and compassion that we all share. Amma is the inspiration for Amma’s Rose, a rose and sandalwood essential oil based perfume inspired and worn by the renowned humanitarian. This perfume has a gentle and indulgently uplifting scent. At EO we are humbled and deeply moved by Amma’s work. Purchase of these perfumes contributes to the funding of Amma’s humanitarian projects. For more information please visit: www.amma.org.


"Love is the foundation of the world.  Where there is love, there is peace."



Rose, Sandalwood

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EO Products EO® Amma's Rose Perfume Oil 0.29 Oz Average rating: 5, based on 6 reviews $$34.99

Most Recent Reviews

Amma's Rose Perfume Oil

Reviewed on 1/7/2016, By Cat
I was going to order two bottles of Amma's Rose perfume, then I read your comment, and I am sorry to hear that, it is not the same. I understand by purchasing this Amma 's perfume the proceeds are supposed to go to the funding of Amma's humanitarian work. this is the only perfume I use and I have received compliments from people I know and strangers on the scent. Most of all I like it.

Well you know they used to have body lotion of Amma's rose scent, and I was told they were not longer going to make it. maybe that is the same with the perfume, there are a lot of rose scent perfume on the market, but this was really something special,

Sorry they changed it.


Hi Cat, Thanks so much for leaving your comments. We are proud to partner with Amma to bottle her lovely perfume oil. She blesses it herself and then sends it from India. Occasionally we'll also make some lotion if we have enough of the perfume oil left over, which is why the Amma's lotion isn't always in stock. We never use synthetic fragrance in anything we make; Amma's perfume oil is a proprietary blend of rose and sandalwood essential oils. We hope this helps relieve your concerns about the fragrance. If you have any other questions or would like more information, please contact our Customer Service department by emailing customerservice@eoproducts.com or call 800-570-3775 and we'll be happy to help. Thank you! XO, EO
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quality changed dramatically

Reviewed on 8/7/2015, By kathleen
The formula has been changed somehow from the original formula.
I don't know why but it has a synthetic smell to it and says Fragrance on the labeling which makes me highly suspicious.
Returning my purchase and bummed because of it....
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Absolute delightful

Reviewed on 6/29/2015, By Priya
Absolute delightful! Reminds me of a fragrance from India that I grew up with! It's light, and yet, lasts throughout the day.
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Amma's by EO is the best

Reviewed on 5/21/2016, By Babs
I'm so happy to find this again, it's my signature scent and everyone comments how amazing I smell!!! <3
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Reviewed on 5/18/2016, By Ash
I love love love this scent! It has great lasting power, is unique, and has a lovely blend of rose and sandalwood. Everywhere I go with this, I get many compliments :)
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I was hooked.

Reviewed on 2/20/2016, By Sun
From the minute I smelled this perfumed oil, I was hooked. I am a scent person--as in it's my deep passion. I often think I should've made perfume making my career! And this is one of those special scents that simply stands out from the rest in a beautiful way. But, of course, it's blessed by none other than Amma herself, so it's no wonder it makes such a strong impact. I've had complete strangers as well as people at the various places I go to and with whom I've never even had a passing conversation stop me and ask what I'm wearing! I noticed EO didn't have it in stock a few months ago, and I started to panic (please don't do that again, by the way!). I honestly cannot say I've seen a change in the quality/formula, at least with the bottle that I have now. I really and truly hope that is not the case as that would be extremely disappointing. Otherwise, this is definitely one of my favorite finds ever.
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