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Welcome to our Friends & Family program, offering our natural body care products at special discounted prices. Create your account here to get started. We will review your account and if approved, you will receive a Welcome Letter within 3 days confirming your registration in our Friends & Family program with instructions to log in to your account.

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EO promises to continue to make great products and offer our Friends & Family members everyday discounts. You promise that….

  • Your orders will be at least $25 (before tax and shipping) and no more than $100 (after your discount) per month.
  • Your orders are just for you and your family. You promise not to resell the items you purchase with this discount.
  • You understand that your orders do not qualify for any additional discounts or offers.
  • You understand that your discount doesn’t apply to shipping.
  • You understand that select EO® products may not eligible for discounts. These include, but  are not limited to our Collaboration projects (Amma’s Rose, Dan & Mary) and other select  items.
  • You understand that your discount applies to online orders only. You promise to respect our relationship with our stores and other customers and not mention your Friends & Family      discounts when shopping in Retail stores.
  • You will help us maintain this low price by keeping our administrative costs minimal. You will carefully check your orders before submitting them in order to help minimize errors.
  • If any returns or exchanges are necessary you understand that all returns and exchanges must happen directly with EO® Products corporate office.
  • You understand that your membership must be renewed annually every January. This will require you to  confirm you Friends & Family status to keep your account active.
  • You will not be upset if we deactivate your account if there has been no activity in 12 month period.
  • You will treat this membership as a privilege and you promise not to misuse or abuse it!
  • You understand that we reserve the right to change the terms or conditions of our Friends & Family program, or to cancel your participation in the program at any time.
  • You will keep on being amazing!

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