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It’s clear that everyone’s Hair is different and that’s why what you need to make your hair radiate and shine might be totally different from what your friend needs. More incredible than how very different hair can be is the fact that what your hair needs changes constantly based on just who you are and what you do daily.

Your Hair Type is really determined by 4 Key Factors. Are you a swimmer constantly in and out of the water or are you out and in the sun working on your tan, maybe you live in a cold and windy city. All of these environmental, seasonal effects and lifestyle activities can affect the 4 key Hair attributes. To really personalize and optimize the hair care system that is right for you it’s really important to know the Four Key Factors of your hair:

Hair Moisture Type

Hair and Scalp Moisture is affected by the amount of sebum (natural oil released by skin glands) produced by the body. Sebum levels can be affected by the climate and season as well as activity type and level. Overactive or under active sebum production can cause oily or dry scalp, respectively. Warm, humid weather often excites scalp glands and increases natural hair oil. Colder temperatures and low humidity slow sebum production which combined with increased wind and decreased humidity in offices or homes, can cause hair to become excessively dry.

So what is your moisture level, pick the moisture level type that best describes your hair.


Shiny yet not greasy and fairly easy to manage. It might fly about a little a day after styling but it soon settles down and looks good for about a week.


Looks good for a day or two after shampooing but then quickly becomes lifeless. Groups of hair cling together in strands and the your feels dirty. You may often have problems with dandruff.


Difficult to control dry hair after shampooing. Looks dull and has ends that look dry and split. Your head might feel dry and sometimes itchy. Dry hair can break very easily. You might also have dry flakes of skin around the hair line.

Still Not Sure?

Need help determining your moisture level? There’s a simple test to help you find out your moisture level best describes your hair. A tissue paper test combined with a careful look at the hair can tell you the type of hair you have and what your moisture level is. Simply:

  1. Shampoo a day before you test.
  2. Take a tissue paper and gently press it on the center of your head and behind your ears. Make sure you don’t rub it onto hair. If there is oil on the tissue paper, it means you have oily hair. No oil on the tissue means your hair is dry. Slight moisture means you level is in the normal range.
  3. Hair experts believe that people with dry skin generally have dry hair, those with normal skin generally have normal hair, and people with oily skin generally have oily hair. People with combination skin usually have an oily scalp and dry ends.