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EO: pause and give yourself a meditative moment

Since 1995, when they created their first EO Essential Oils products, our co-founders Susan and Brad have firmly believed that safe, effective natural products made with pure essential oils – nature’s essences of flowers, plants, trees, and more – can enhance your daily life. 

Everyday moments of self-care can be even more gratifying than a week-long spa vacation, because they change your perspective. Whether it’s 10 seconds washing your hands or smoothing on lotion, or 10 minutes enjoying a peaceful, beautifully-scented shower or bath, these pauses have ripple effects.

Self-care is a selfless act

Each meditative moment makes you feel a bit more refreshed, renewed, and refocused. You then have more capacity to continue taking good care of yourself, to help take good care of others, and to focus on what matters most in your life. 

It’s so simple – and so essential.

Take good care of yourself, with EO.

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