Two hearts, one dream

Two hearts, one dream

Susan and Brad knew that they were continuously amazed by the beauty and power of pure essential oils. That such scents could nurture both body and mind. That everyone should have access to the wonders of aromatherapy. And that they aspired to live and work wholeheartedly, in a way that honored their values, their families, and the planet.

1995: A garage, a stockpot, and a vision

In the midst of careers in retail and fashion, Susan and Brad began blending pure essential oils for friends and family. Beautiful news spread, and in 1995 they were asked to create aromatherapy blends for the Bloomingdale’s holiday gift guide.

Little did Susan and Brad know, as they experimented in a three-gallon stockpot in their San Francisco garage, how their journey would evolve. After three years, they were able to formulate the very first foaming shower gel free of sodium laurel sulfate, a widely-used but potentially-harmful ingredient that creates a lather.

This became the foundation of everything that followed – doing whatever it takes to make natural products that are beautifully-scented with pure essential oils, as well as safe and effective for all beings and the planet. Susan and Brad approached local stores, customers responded with delight, and in 1997 EO Products landed an account with Whole Foods.

Still asking “What if…?” 23 years later

Today, Susan and Brad are co-chief executives of a rare phenomenon: an independently-owned natural body care company. They had no roadmap for becoming manufacturers, but learned early on that the only way to ensure that every bottle is aligned with their values and high standards was to take responsibility for everything.

Their six cornerstone beliefs – Transparency, Originality, Poise, Relatedness, Imagination, and Journey – remain the True North for every employee’s contribution and every business decision.

With her artistry and deep knowledge of essential oils, Susan takes the lead in aromatherapy and blending. Brad puts his experience and unbounded enthusiasm to good use overseeing operations and marketing. Their 140 employees share the same commitment and collaborative spirit.

All EO and Everyone brand products come to life in our 45,000-square-foot facility in San Rafael, California, formerly the “Star Wars” studio of George Lucas. The air remains infused with creativity and inspiration (and often a touch of calming lavender).

Our promise to you

As we have for 23 years, we will: