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Deodorant Detox


Give your body a break from synthetic scents and toxic, pore-clogging ingredients. Find out what you can expect when making the switch to natural deodorant and why it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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Have You Given Up On Natural Deodorant?

Have you tried making the switch from mainstream deodorant and antiperspirant to natural deodorant and given up? Did you know there can be a transition period (up to 30 days) where body odor can actually increase?

If you’re worried about putting ingredients like phthalates or aluminum onto your underarms every day, EO has an alternative for you. We’ve collected some of the whys and how-tos around making it through the transition period without all the stink.

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What Stinks?

The cause of body odor is basically bacteria. When we sweat, the bacteria living on our skin breaks the moisture down into acids and can result in unpleasant odor. Here’s a comprehensive article from Medical News Today about the source of body odor. It’s important to remember this when choosing your natural deodorant. An ingredient like alcohol, the main ingredient in EO Deodorant Sprays and Wipes, is effective against the main source of body odor: bacteria.

One study conducted by Ghent University found that antiperspirants actually increased the amount of bacteria present on underarm skin. It’s no wonder why the process of making the switch from conventional to natural underarm products can cause so much disruption to our personal hygiene. You’re better prepared to tackle body odor effectively once you understand what’s causing it. 

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Care For Your Body Mindfully

What you put on your body matters, so does what you put into your body. Body odor can be affected by stress, hormones, diet, and exercise. Being mindful about what you eat and drink will go a long way to help reduce body odor. Some studies have explored how the things we eat can affect the way we smell. Here’s a great article written by Berkeley Wellness that covers the top odor-causing foods you should avoid during your detox. As always, drink lots of water.

An active body is a healthy body. When we’re active, our bodies sweat to cool us down and help to release toxins. Being mindful of how often you’re active will help speed up the detox process. Natural deodorants work to control body odor, not to stop your body’s natural functions. Remember, sweat is a good thing!

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Take the Challenge

All you need for deodorant detox are EO® Certified Organic Deodorant Spray and EO® Natural Deodorant Wipes. If you want some extra support, you can also add:

Start with Deodorant Spray. The main ingredient is organic alcohol, which is effective against bacteria, the source of body odor. The alcohol is derived from sugar cane. Keep individually wrapped Deodorant Wipes with you in case you need a little backup during the day.

Tip: If you shave your underarms, do that before bed and apply deodorant in the morning. Alcohol may irritate freshly shaved skin, so give your skin a chance to calm down overnight.

Deodorant detox may feel a little stressful, which could increase body odor. A hot bubble bath with our Bath Salt Soaks will help calm your nerves, open your pores, and soothe your body.

Another way to help restore balance to delicate underarms is with our Moroccan Lava Clay Exfoliating Scrub. This detoxifying clay mask will help loosen dead skin cells and release impurities.

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