About Us

What’s in the bottle? Devotion.

For 24 years, we’ve been inspired to share our passion for nature’s pure essential oils. To blend their evocative scents with safe, natural, effective ingredients. And to live and work wholeheartedly, in a way that honors the well-being of all people and the planet we all share.

Two hearts, one dream

As they stirred a stockpot of shower gel in their garage in 1995, our founders Susan and Brad were focused on making the beautiful benefits of pure essential oils accessible to everyone. They had no idea where their journey might lead; they knew they had to follow their hearts.
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Two hearts, one dream

Susan and Brad knew that they were continuously amazed by the beauty and power of pure essential oils. That such scents could nurture both body and mind. That everyone should have access to the wonders of aromatherapy. And that they aspired to live and work wholeheartedly, in a way that honored their values, their families, and the planet.

1995: A garage, a stockpot, and a vision

In the midst of careers in retail and fashion, Susan and Brad began blending pure essential oils for friends and family. Beautiful news spread, and in 1995 they were asked to create aromatherapy blends for the Bloomingdale’s holiday gift guide.

Little did Susan and Brad know, as they experimented in a three-gallon stockpot in their San Francisco garage, how their journey would evolve. After three years, they were able to formulate the very first foaming shower gel free of sodium laurel sulfate, a widely-used but potentially-harmful ingredient that creates a lather.

This became the foundation of everything that followed – doing whatever it takes to make natural products that are beautifully-scented with pure essential oils, as well as safe and effective for all beings and the planet. Susan and Brad approached local stores, customers responded with delight, and in 1997 EO Products landed an account with Whole Foods.

Still asking “What if…?” 23 years later

Today, Susan and Brad are co-chief executives of a rare phenomenon: an independently-owned natural body care company. They had no roadmap for becoming manufacturers, but learned early on that the only way to ensure that every bottle is aligned with their values and high standards was to take responsibility for everything.

Their six cornerstone beliefs – Transparency, Originality, Poise, Relatedness, Imagination, and Journey – remain the True North for every employee’s contribution and every business decision.

With her artistry and deep knowledge of essential oils, Susan takes the lead in aromatherapy and blending. Brad puts his experience and unbounded enthusiasm to good use overseeing operations and marketing. Their 140 employees share the same commitment and collaborative spirit.

All EO and Everyone brand products come to life in our 45,000-square-foot facility in San Rafael, California, formerly the “Star Wars” studio of George Lucas. The air remains infused with creativity and inspiration (and often a touch of calming lavender).

Our promise to you

As we have for 23 years, we will:

  • Create only products that are safe and effective for all beings and safe for the environment.
  • Use only pure essential oils and botanical extracts to scent our products, so that anyone can experience the wonders of aromatherapy.
  • Manufacture our products sustainably, in a way that honors every person connected to them: the farmers we source our ingredients from worldwide, our customers, our employees, our partners, and our community.
  • Help you take loving care of yourself and your family by making only products that we consider beautiful, safe, and effective enough for our own families.


There is no genuine relationship without transparency. It allows for conversation, honesty and shared responsibility. Transparency is inclusive by nature, and reflects the desires of one's intentions and aspirations. At EO, transparency is essential because we believe that if we express our honesty in what we make and say, as well as how we conduct ourselves in the fulfillment of our role in the world, our customers will feel it and bring of themselves to us.



Originality is at the core of who we are and what we do. We are inspired by the panorama of what we can create with the beauty of what already exists. Our desire is not to change that which is inherently whole, but rather to reveal it fully so that our customers may make use of it in their own lives. Every idea that becomes a product, every message that becomes our word, every experience that becomes our customer’s, alongside the inherent designs of nature, then co-mingles with the originality of our own vision. This is the true alchemy of EO. It is at once our heritage and our future.



Life is turbulent and challenges the answers to its many questions. Poise demands that in order to find peace we must meet this turbulence with clarity of purpose and compassion, first in our own lives, and then in our environment. When we feel a strong sense of self, confident of our worth, and regardless of external circumstances, when we take responsibility for our choices, and live an engaged creative life, we develop poise. As we explore, so we become. In this, then, EO aspires to be an oasis of goodness and right-mindedness in a world of compression and tension.



We would do well to strive towards people living in common and unity - that which we call community. The EO community is small - as small as our world. What makes it small is the interdependence between our company and our customers, our suppliers, our farmers, our banks, our weather, our pets, our everything. There is no question that we all breathe this same air of existence, so trust is essential. As the EO community grows, we understand it is nonetheless true that regardless of how strong these linkages of common purpose between customer and company may be, should they not be held in value by the customer, all will be for nothing. Communication of our benefits, culture and sensibilities therefore, plays an important role when it comes to the development and maintenance of trust. The variety, complexity, differences and divergences of our customers provides us with tremendous opportunity, to which we bring the spirit of community and the beauty of our imagination for the benefit of everyone. The interdependence of relationships is unbounded only by what can be unlocked and made real.



The imagination is the most freeing condition of the human spirit. We seek permission through it, to investigate and explore, and through this discover and embrace innovation. We allow its essence to flourish with the intention of being kind and doing good. The secret of imagination lays in the adventure that is the cultivation of an open mind: fresh, flexible, vibrant and ready for anything. As we dream we hold in our hands, and hearts, unbounded opportunity to move those dreams into thoughts and then towards some reality. At EO, we seek continuous improvement that pushes us against the feeling of being comfortable, and towards what our imagination can unleash. With change inevitable our embracing of new possibilities gives to us continual momentum that leads us to new places.



What anchors EO, what engages EO, what grounds EO? What gives us the permission to explore, to challenge what is and thus to participate in the world? At EO we answer this is what life expects of us, what nature expects of us and what we expect of ourselves. Our own recognition and acknowledgement of our every breath and blink of our eyes is about living. Life provides us with an un-chartered and invisible path with no end point or true destination, but that which we encounter in the process itself. Our responsibility is to the boundaries of respect, kindness and whole heartedness. Our EO is a mindful company that is crafted through our behavior, and code of conduct. We are a brand that is its own ecosystem which we honor every day; one that is inclusive of all who engage with it along their own lives journey. What we know and what we have yet to know, that which remains as yet unknown, allows our spirit to take us forward as we journey with each other on this, our EO path.


Integrity behind every ingredient

At EO Products, we rely on our decades of manufacturing plant-based body care products to guide us in choosing safe, natural, organic, and sustainably-farmed ingredients. We’re exacting – and fully transparent – about every ingredient in every bottle.
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Integrity behind every ingredient

At EO Products, we rely on our decades of creating plant-based products to guide us in choosing ingredients that are safe and sustainable. From day one, we’ve sourced the finest natural, organic, and responsibly-farmed ingredients we could find. Many of our products are EWG VERIFIED™ and have earned other important certifications.

Essential oils: our heart and soul

After 23 years, Brad, Susan, and their team remain inspired by nature’s pure essential oils – those derived from flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, stems, roots, and other parts of plants. We wholeheartedly believe that essential oils can help enhance everyday life.

Each oil has a distinctive, nuanced scent. Many, such as soothing lavender and woodsy frankincense, have been used for thousands of years in perfumery and medicine. Aromatherapy is the practice of stimulating well-being through scents, whether that be to relax, uplift, soothe, rejuvenate, brighten, or mellow your mood.

We source our oils globally, transcending politics and borders in our quest for the finest ingredients Earth has to offer. EO Products has long-standing relationships with farmers in France, Australia, Morocco, and many more countries, some along the old spice routes. We often choose partners that have distilleries right on the same property, which captures the oils at their most potent.

Setting our own high standard for natural

It was true when we started and remains so today: the personal care industry, while regulated, still needs ethical manufacturers to set their own internal quality standards. (The FDA has yet to establish an official definition for “natural”.) Rules relating to safety, accountability, quality control, and marketing claims are a shared responsibility.

Based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated after 23 years, here’s where EO Products stands. Our products are as natural as possible, while still being effective and safe for you and your family to use. We choose ingredients that are minimally processed and as close to the original plant matter as possible. 

When it comes to organic and non-GMO ingredients, we seek and obtain certifications that mirror the standards for organic food, since there are no precise certifications for personal care products and cosmetics.

Safety first, always

Just because an ingredient is naturally-derived doesn’t mean it’s good, and just because an ingredient is synthetically-derived doesn’t mean it’s harmful. We use safe synthetics when necessary. For example, we use the preservative ethylhexylglycerin to prevent bacteria in our lotions (without which they would expire in weeks), and citric acid to balance pH levels in our Everyone face care products.

We use synthetics that have been verified as safe in the accredited and unbiased EWG skin deep database.

What we include – and don’t include – is intentional

We choose to protect our customers, our employees, and our planet by choosing safer ingredients and keeping toxins out of the waste stream. Our products contain no parabens, no sodium laurel sulfate, no synthetic fragrances, no aluminum, no propylene glycol, no polysorbates, no phthalates, and no artificial colors and dyes.

Certified organic

EO Products has been a certified organic manufacturer since 2004. All of our products contain organic ingredients; this seal indicates that 95% of a product’s ingredients are certified organic.

Non-GMO Project Verified

We never use genetically modified organisms and were the first personal care company to be certified Non-GMO in 2011. Our many products certified through the Non-GMO Verified Project display this seal.

 No synthetic fragrances

We only scent our products with pure essential oils and organic food-grade extracts. We offer unscented options, too.


The Leaping Bunny organization has certified that our ingredients and products are never tested on animals.


None of our ingredients or products contain more than 10 ppm (parts per million) of gluten.

Meeting strict EWG VERIFIED™ standards

It can feel overwhelming to understand which products are safer and healthier for you and your family. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), an American non-profit dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, can help. When you see the EWG VERIFIED™ mark on a product, you can be sure it’s free from harsh and harmful ingredients.


Today, just 1,300 products world-wide have been EWG VERIFIED – and 32 of those are ours. In fact, EO Products gel and spray hand sanitizers were the first sanitizers ever to be EWG VERIFIED.

Transparency without compromise

We believe that doing business transparently empowers our customers to make healthy, informed choices. For example, all lavender essential oils are not created equal. We partner with the highest-quality lavender growers and distillers on the planet. We consistently use a specific plant species, and our sources are sustainable and ethical. Complete transparency has always been the right path for EO Products, and that will never change.

Learn more about every ingredient we use, and why we use it, in our ingredients glossary.




Sustainable manufacturing

We learned early on that there’s only one way to ensure that every product reflects our values and meets our high standards. That’s why we dream up, research, develop, test, blend, bottle, market, and ship all EO Products in one place: our family-owned, zero-waste factory.
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Sustainable manufacturing

After 23 years as makers, the joyful journey of EO Products has brought us to where we are today: a large personal care company that dreams up, researches, develops, tests, blends, bottles, markets, and ships products in one place.

Companies typically outsource formulating, development, and bottling to third-party manufacturers, often overseas. Not us. Brad, Susan, and their team learned early on that the only way to stay aligned with their core values of transparency, authenticity, and collaboration was to make everything right where we live. 

Rest assured that we are a fun-loving and diverse group of dedicated people. But when it comes to making our products, we take our responsibilities – to honor those who use our products, those who make them, and the environment – very seriously.

A natural next step: becoming a B Corp

Having always put people and the planet before profits, a natural step for EO Products was to formalize that commitment by becoming a Certified B Corporation. This isn’t easy. There are only 1,800 companies worldwide that have achieved this milestone.

After being rigorously evaluated in areas such as environmental impact, day-to-day operations, transparency, employee satisfaction, and local community involvement, EO Products became a Certified B Corp on January 1, 2012.

See our most recent B Impact assessment or visit our B Corp profile page.

A zero-waste factory with organic certifications

We became a certified organic manufacturer in 2004, choosing to meet the food-level guidelines of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since there are no certifications for personal care products. EO Products is a zero-waste manufacturer. This means we divert over 90% of our refuse from landfills.

We recycle traditionally "non-recyclable" items such as hairnets, nitrile gloves, and backing from our labels. We were among the first businesses in our region to have an onsite composting program as well. In 2017, we recycled 265 tons of plastic, cardboard, metal, and wood material.

Reduce and reuse


Since day one, our bottles have been BPA-free and made of 25%-100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR). We choose 100% recyclable packaging for order shipping. And our factory uses solar power, a closed loop water-cooling system that saves tens of thousands of gallons of water each year, and electricity that’s 100% offset by Green e-Energy Certified renewable energy.

Better together

Our founders Susan and Brad have always focused on surrounding themselves with a collaborative, inclusive team of dedicated employees. We all share one common purpose: to create natural products that are good for people and good for the planet.
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Better together

As EO Products grew, Brad and Susan have stayed focused on their goal of being part of an inclusive, authentic, joyful company – one with lots of creative iterating, transparency, and above all else, accountability.

They’ve created a work family of over 140 dedicated, collaborative people at the EO Products factory in San Rafael, California. This means that someone on our customer support team can walk down the hall and confer with an aromatherapist. A marketer can check with a bottler on when a batch of products will be ready. A designer can run something by one of our founders. You get the idea.

Sound interesting? Check out our current job openings.

Kindness in the community

We believe that opportunities to support and nurture others are all around us. EO Products donates personal care products and makes financial contributions to organizations that serve our community, creates local job opportunities, and offers employees paid time off to volunteer.
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Kindness in the community

We believe that opportunities to support and nurture others are all around us. EO Products donates aromatherapy products to help give anyone in need a moment of respite and makes financial contributions to organizations that serve our community. We also create local job opportunities and offer employees paid time off to volunteer. 

We don’t just share the love, we share the soap, shower supplies, and sanitizer, too: over the years, EO Products has donated tens of thousands of gallons of pure essential oil products to the community. Learn more about a few of the many organizations we partner with below.

Everyday goodness at GLIDE

We created a new product in 2016, Daily Soap, to support the efforts of San Francisco’s GLIDE Memorial Church. GLIDE helps the underserved in our community by providing health services, meals, housing, and more.

Versatile Daily Soap can be used as shampoo, body wash, hand soap, and shaving gel. We infused it with calming lavender and bright orange pure essential oils so that everyone can enjoy a soothing moment of aromatherapy.

Supporting those who are helping others

  • Turning Green and Conscious Kitchen. Through student-led programs at more than 3,000 high schools and colleges globally, Turning Green advocates for healthy food, safer products, and ethical businesses. The Conscious Kitchen transforms elementary school meals from pre-packaged and processed to local and organic. We’ve been long-term partners of both. 
  • The Cashmere Foundation. EO Products provides body lotions, pure essential oils, and aromatherapy diffusers to this organization, which supports comprehensive well-being for patients in chemotherapy infusion centers and during extended hospital stays.
  • Marine Mammal Center. This Sausalito center provides rehabilitation for sick and injured marine mammals such as seals and sea lions. Its staff and hundreds of volunteers also offer activities and programs for young people, including marine conservation awareness.

Partnering with EO Products

We truly wish we could support every worthwhile organization and cause. To be considered, please fill out our donation request form.

If it’s a good fit and we have the resources to support it, we’ll respond within ten business days. Thank you for your interest.

    Two bottles are better than one

    Our two brands, EO and Everyone, both offer soothing pure essential oils blended in safe, effective natural products. EO helps you create meditative moments of self-care through aromatherapy. Everyone is fun botanical body care for the whole family, at a great value.
    Learn about EO

    EO: pause and give yourself a meditative moment

    Since 1995, when they created their first EO Essential Oils products, our co-founders Susan and Brad have firmly believed that safe, effective natural products made with pure essential oils – nature’s essences of flowers, plants, trees, and more – can enhance your daily life. 

    Everyday moments of self-care can be even more gratifying than a week-long spa vacation, because they change your perspective. Whether it’s 10 seconds washing your hands or smoothing on lotion, or 10 minutes enjoying a peaceful, beautifully-scented shower or bath, these pauses have ripple effects.

    Self-care is a selfless act

    Each meditative moment makes you feel a bit more refreshed, renewed, and refocused. You then have more capacity to continue taking good care of yourself, to help take good care of others, and to focus on what matters most in your life. 

    It’s so simple – and so essential.

    Take good care of yourself, with EO.

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    Learn about Everyone

    Everyone: making botanical body care accessible to all

    In 2012, our co-founders Brad and Susan noticed that there weren’t any natural, budget-friendly body care products available to their millennial son. This led to an important question (and the next stage of our journey): 

    Why should you have to choose between healthy and affordable?

    We took all we’d learned after years of creating body care products that are good for people and good for the planet, then set out to make natural products even more accessible, to even more people.

    Clean, healthy, generous choices

    Everyone gives you and those you care about, from 2-month-olds to 92-year-olds, family-sized natural products with fun, universally-appealing aromatherapy scents.

    Another Everyone pillar: less is more. Like one facial cleanser everyone in your family can use. And single products everyone can use multiple ways, like one soap that works as shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, and shaving gel. Less bottles, more uses – and less expense.

    Clean, healthy products at a great value, with no trade offs. That’s good news for all.

    Take good care of yourself and your family, with Everyone.

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