Changing Our Look For The Greater Good Changing Our Look For The Greater Good


Changing Our Look For The Greater Good

There’s always room for change, especially when it comes to the greater good.

When we started updating our look over a year ago, it was with a vision towards the future - one in which protecting the planet is as much a priority as keeping people clean and healthy. As time went on and life continued to change for all of us, we started viewing the next phase of Everyone with a focus towards the future. Our new look is our latest effort towards harnessing our courage to care about what’s happening beyond our front doors...and it goes more than skin deep.

All About the Bottles

Our first big move was to source previously-used recycled plastic for our bottles going forward. This change allows us to keep a little less waste from winding up in landfills, which is exactly what the planet needs right now.

Notice that the visual appearance of the bottle is also different? That was intentional too. We’ve changed the color from frosted white to deep amber because the darker color protects the natural ingredients inside by blocking out UV rays. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes, too!

Label Up!

We never imagined a virus would cause a run on soap and hand sanitizer, or that so many new hand sanitizer brands would suddenly appear out of nowhere. But when the time came for us to adopt a new look, we knew updating our label would make it easier for customers to find their favorite Everyone products wherever they shop. 

That’s why you’ll now see our logo upfront and center. Not only that, but every scent you know and love now also has its own coordinating color - so you can easily spot the signature pink dots of our ruby grapefruit hand soap from six feet away.

But here’s another reason why you’re going to want to get a little closer.

We know how important it is for our consumers to support brands that align with their values. So you know exactly what we’re about, we’ve placed everything - that we say Yep to things like hypoallergenic + dermatologist testing, plant extracts and pure essential oils, and Nope to things like animal testing, synthetic fragrances, and parabens, dyes and phthalates - directly onto the label.

We’ve also gone all in with our claims marks, putting forward everything from our B-corp certification to our cruelty-free status. We even added a new “Made with Plants + Pure Essential Oils” mark to signal our ongoing commitment to nature and the environment. 

Because we know these are all things that matter to you.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is a constant. And being able to offer customers the same great products they know and love, while also doing our part to help make things better for people and the planet is plenty of motivation for us. 

Check out our new look for yourself! And since we’re focusing on the new, check out our next post where we share some of the new things we’ve learned about hand washing...