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Meet Our Founders



Brad Black and Susan Griffin-Black had a simple vision about twenty years ago. They wanted to live like they were already retired. “When you’re retired,” says Brad, “you don’t stress about money. You care about the world you’re leaving to your kids and grandkids. You take things a little slower and a lot less seriously.” Their shared desire to live every day in ‘retirement’ led them to running EO® Products, makers of EO and Everyone® personal care products.


Susan Griffin-Black was born to be her own boss. From her first  endeavor at age eight selling lemonade to fund Beatles tickets to co-owning two successful clothing stores at age twenty-one, her driving sense of beauty and style was her guide. She followed her passion for design to San Francisco where she owned clothing stores that carried her own line of clothing and designed several lines for Esprit. It was on a trip to Europe that she first encountered essential oils in an apothecary shop and the love affair that would guide the next twenty years of her life began. She studied aromatherapy and the chemistry of perfumes and acquired her own collection of tiny glass bottles filled with flower and plant essences. When Bloomingdale’s asked her to make essential oil mixes for their holiday gift guide, Susan felt a dream had come true. Her dedication to Buddhism and its simple but elusive eightfold path has guided her decision making in business as well as life. Susan’s aesthetic and quiet strength pervades every aspect of EO. She has guided every product EO has made, adding a drop of this and a bit of that until it feels (and smells) right.


Brad Black was buying organic cotton for his company, Maine-Iac, before anyone even knew what that meant. His passion for doing the right thing is apparent in his dynamic approach to life. He is the hands-on half of the team, creating a refill system from scratch, travelling to store locations to talk to brokers about company values and keeping an eye on manufacturing. His love for business started at a young age as well, he can’t remember a time he wasn’t selling produce, art or plants to his neighbors and friends. Brad has been a pioneer in changing the way things are done in the personal care and cosmetics industry. His willingness to take things head on and not take ‘no’ for an answer made EO an industry leader in sustainable business practices. Brad’s regular blog is a collection of reflections, observations, and rants about the challenges of being authentic in an industry that seems to value flash over substance. 

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