Welcome, We’re Everyone and We’ve Got News! Welcome, We’re Everyone and We’ve Got News!

Everyone 101

Welcome, We’re Everyone and We’ve Got News!

Welcome to our new blog Love, Everyone! In this space, we’ll be exploring our practices and the products we make for you, everyone you love, and the world we all share.

When we launched Everyone in 2012, our goal was to expand upon the core values that inspired our Founders to make their first batch of EO shower gel in a garage more than 25 years ago. Along with continuing to use natural plant-based ingredients and responsible practices, our vision for this new brand was one of inclusivity, accessibility, and value for everyone.

That meant formulating cleansers and lotions to be multi-purpose so that you can do more with less. It meant using botanical ingredients that are safe, gentle on the skin, and sustainably-farmed. It meant manufacturing in ways that respect our planet. And it meant reframing hand washing and bathtime as ways to connect and have fun with the little ones.

Everyone has always cared, and we’ve been thinking about our next steps for a long time. As the global health crisis started changing our world forever, we knew it was time to harness the courage to look at our entire product line and find ways to do more. Because doing our part to make life better is always on our to-do list, and as makers, the choices we make daily are thoughtful, purposeful, and guided by what we believe is best for the greater good. 

That’s why we’re so excited to go beyond our commitment to sustainable ingredients + no harmful chemicals + no animal testing to usher in big updates to the Everyone brand. Inspired by our ongoing commitment to the environment, we’ve made some changes that go beneath the surface to align with our deeply-rooted values. Plus, we’ve made a number of updates that may seem subtle at first glance, but in actuality are the latest in our efforts to prioritize you, your family, and the planet we all share.

As life-changing as 2020 was, we can’t help but to find joy in one very big thing: we’re still here. We celebrate finding our way through uncertainty each day, and tapping into our empathy for humanity. Because these things remind us that we’re human, that we have survived, that life must go on.

And we are moving forward.

For us, adjusting to the present also means evolving towards the future - one in which we all understand that staying safe and clean not only protects the health and wellbeing of our families, but our communities as a whole. Getting there means shifting through the shadows of uncertainty for the strength and inspiration it takes to be daring enough to care.

Join us as we use our blog to share the next phase of the Everyone journey, and so much more. Be sure to check out our new look, and read on to learn more about what’s new with Everyone!