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Certified Organic Deodorant

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EO® organic deodorants work without the harmful additives that are found in so many deodorants. Our certified organic deodorants are made with organic ethanol (a natural antiseptic) and pure, organic essential oil blends that are carefully crafted to keep you fresh, cool and clean.

Organic ethanol works as a natural deodorant by eliminating the bacteria that lead to body odor. Pure essential oils add a gentle scent and an aromatherapeutic benefit. We are pretty proud of what we’ve created here, we think it may be one of the best organic deodorants around.

Enjoy soothing Lavender, uplifting Citrus or cooling Vetiver deodorants from EO.


When we make the switch from aluminum or zinc ridden deodorants to a natural deodorant, our bodies need an adjustment period. To understand further, let’s talk about what body odor is and where it comes from.

Most of our ‘BO’ or body odor comes from bacteria converting our sweat into acids. Sweat by itself generally does not smell, it’s just salty water that our bodies shed to help us regulate our temperature. When the bacteria in our systems encounter this rich food source they immediately begin breaking it down and the resulting acids have a smell that we modern humans don’t like very much. There was a time natural body odor was considered quite tantalizing but that’s another story.

In order to reduce odor, many available deodorants use aluminum salts to block the pores of our skin. This solves the odor problem by eliminating the sweat. No sweat means nothing for the bacteria to convert into stinky acids. The problem with aluminum is that its linked to things like alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

So, there is a natural answer: organic ethanol. Ethanol is a natural alcohol that is a by-product of processing sugar cane. Ethanol kills the bacteria that cause odor. No bacteria means no stinky acids. Problem solved.

The only thing to keep in mind is the adjustment your body will need to make the switch. If you’ve been using an aluminum-containing deodorant you will notice that you sweat more (aluminum blocks pores and sweat) and, at first, you may smell more. We have found it to be well worth the process which is why we created our deodorants. Safe for you, safe for the planet.