Sustainable Manufacturing

After 27 years as makers, the joyful journey of EO Products has brought us to where we are today: a large personal care company that dreams up, researches, develops, tests, blends, bottles, markets, and ships products in one place.

Companies typically outsource formulating, development, and bottling to third-party manufacturers, often overseas. Not us. Brad, Susan, and their team learned early on that the only way to stay aligned with their core values of transparency, authenticity, and collaboration was to make everything right where we live. 

Rest assured that we are a fun-loving and diverse group of dedicated people. But when it comes to making our products, we take our responsibilities – to honor those who use our products, those who make them, and the environment – very seriously.

A natural next step: becoming a B Corp

Having always put people and the planet before profits, a natural step for EO Products was to formalize that commitment by becoming a Certified B Corporation. This isn’t easy. There are only 1,800 companies worldwide that have achieved this milestone.

After being rigorously evaluated in areas such as environmental impact, day-to-day operations, transparency, employee satisfaction, and local community involvement, EO Products became a Certified B Corp on January 1, 2012.

Visit our B Corp profile page here.

A zero-waste factory with organic certifications

We became a certified organic manufacturer in 2004, choosing to meet the food-level guidelines of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since there are no certifications for personal care products. EO Products is a zero-waste manufacturer. This means we divert over 90% of our refuse from landfills.

We recycle traditionally "non-recyclable" items such as hairnets, nitrile gloves, and backing from our labels. We were among the first businesses in our region to have an onsite composting program as well. In 2017, we recycled 265 tons of plastic, cardboard, metal, and wood material.

Reduce and reuse


Since day one, our bottles have been BPA-free and made of 25%-100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR). We choose 100% recyclable packaging for order shipping. And our factory uses solar power, a closed loop water-cooling system that saves tens of thousands of gallons of water each year, and electricity that’s 100% offset by Green e-Energy Certified renewable energy.