Certifying Our Values Certifying Our Values


Certifying Our Values

Updating our packaging was always about more than just getting a makeover. 

We know It’s important for customers to know whether and how a company’s values align with their own. That’s why taking on a new look also meant adding key claims and certifications to our labels. Because being more transparent about our practices helps consumers understand what we care about as a brand, while also offering 3rd party verification that our actions align with our words.

But what’s on our Yep/Nope ingredient list isn’t the only thing worth reading on our labels. We’ve also added a fresh set of markings and claims that shed even more light into Everyone’s values. 


From which plant-based ingredients we choose, to the suppliers we work with, to our manufacturing practices, we know that the decisions we make every day can have a broader impact on the world. As a B-Corporation, we are proud to be among the community of global leaders actively working to balance profit and purpose. The Certified B-Corp mark on our label informs consumers that Everyone products meet the highest standards of “environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability”, while also assuring them that every claim we make is backed by genuine action.

EWG Certified

For nearly three decades the Environmental Working Group has been tracking chemical safety, and becoming a leading resource for parents and consumers seeking to ensure that the products they use are safe. The EWG VERIFIED™ mark on our label means customers can trust that the ingredients used in Everyone products meet the EWG’s strictest standards for health, safety, and include no harmful chemicals. And of the 1,300 products that carry the EWG VERIFIED™ mark, we are proud to have 32 products from the Everyone brand included among them.


The plant-based ingredients in Everyone products have been proven effective and safe to use without having to rely on animal testing. As part of Cruelty Free International’s mission to end animal testing, their Leaping Bunny program is considered the gold standard for cruelty-free products and the only internationally recognized program of its kind. And we proudly display their Leaping Bunny logo on our labels so that customers who prioritize cruelty-free can know that Everyone does too.

Made With Plants + Pure Essential Oils

Our pledge to keep the planet in top priority inspired us to develop a mark of our own. The “Made With Plants + Pure Essential Oils” symbol is upfront and center to remind our customers that when it comes to our ingredients - from the gentle coconut cleansers in our hand soaps, to the aromatic uplift of essential oils - we will always look to natural resources.

Post Consumer Recycled Plastic

By adopting bottles made from recycled plastic, Everyone keeps at least 700 tons of new plastic from getting into customers hands just this year alone. That means less plastic winding up in our landfill and oceans, and more opportunities to refill, reuse and recycle.

Period After Opening

The Period After Opening symbol - which looks like an open container with a number followed by the letter M - lets consumers know how long after opening that product is safe to use. So if you see a 12M, that means it’s best to use the product within 12 months.

We are proud to display these marks because we are committed to ensuring that our products meet global standards for the health and safety of not just our customers, but also the environment. And being transparent about what we do and how we do it gives you the peace of mind that Everyone cares.