Why We Celebrate World Water Day, Every Day Why We Celebrate World Water Day, Every Day

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Why We Celebrate World Water Day, Every Day

The world recently marked World Water Day, a global celebration spotlighting the importance of having access to safe, clean water to drink, wash hands, and help all people stay clean and healthy. For those of us used to water being readily available with a turn of the tap, it’s easy to forget that not all communities enjoy the same access to clean water. That’s why it’s important to not only support efforts that help bring water to communities in need, but for everyone to do their part to reduce water waste.

Our mission of caring for people and the planet we all share is at the heart of why we celebrate world water day every day. For us, it all boils down to two key areas: incorporating responsible water use in manufacturing practices, and figuring out how to save water in a factory  when producing product.

Purification For The People

Water reaches our kitchen faucets after a long journey from surface or ground water sources - including rivers, streams, reservoirs, drilling wells, even the tiny spaces within rocks - through to local water utilities, private wells, and other systems. As a result, naturally-occurring and human made chemicals like arsenic, pesticides, and other contaminants may get picked up along the way. That’s why water purification is a key aspect of our manufacturing process.

Purifying the water before it goes into our products enables us to remove dissolved solids like chlorine and magnesium; heavy metals like lead, silver, and arsenic; organic content like mold, yeast, and bacteria; and oxygen, which can break down the gentle plant-based ingredients used in Everyone products. This painstaking, multi-step purification process eliminates the need for aggressive preservatives. And It can also mean a 2-3 year shelf life for some of the products in our assortment.

Closed-loop For the Planet

We’re pros when it comes to water usage, with the typical American family reportedly using an average of 300 gallons per day. From turning off the tap during hand washing and while brushing our teeth, to adopting water-efficient appliances into our homes, there are accessible ways for each of us to monitor and conserve water usage. 

But how can factories conserve water? For us, the solution is a closed-loop water system. 

Our system allows water to circulate around massive tanks, heating and cooling the product during the manufacturing process. The closed loop means the water can be reused multiple times, without the need to introduce new water. And while we’re always thinking about how to reduce water usage in manufacturing, the benefits ripple throughout our entire facility, enabling us to adopt drip irrigation, drought-tolerant landscaping, low-flow toilets and other improvements that in the end save thousands of gallons of water per year.

So if our love for water comes down to one takeaway, it’s that finding ways to balance product quality and safety with sustainable practices is always on the Everyone to-do list.