Hand Washing: On Becoming Essential Hand Washing: On Becoming Essential

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Hand Washing: On Becoming Essential

It’s hard to believe that until recently, most of us put very little thought into washing our hands. 

Soap has long solidified its status as a household staple, while hand washing endured as a humdrum, everyday activity motivated more by immediate need - a wash-up before cooking, a scrub after taking out the garbage - than anything else. 

These days, we all know something about hand washing that we didn’t know before. 

What We’ve Learned As A Global Community

While humans’ relationship with soap stretches back millenia, the act of hand washing wasn’t always considered essential to overall public health and safety. But as circumstances shifted, people came to understand how much good hand hygiene helps in preventing infection.

Health and medical professionals used science to explain why soap works, making hand washing part of everyday conversation - and a broader consciousness.

Some of us came to realize we hadn’t been washing our hands properly, and started placing soap in every corner of the home to remind ourselves to do it more frequently. Others leaned on hand sanitizer more for on-the-go protection when soap and water weren’t available. And most of us adopted new hand washing behaviors, including fun rituals to keep the little ones engaged, and singing two rounds of” Happy Birthday” to give soap molecules the minimum 20 seconds needed to break down and kill harmful bacteria. 

As conversations about washing hands became more about protecting ourselves and others within our communities, we all started viewing the practice with a greater sense of responsibility.

And for us, it meant looking at our brand with a fresh perspective.

Committed to Staying Essential

Since the beginning, Everyone has been committed to making personal care products that protect people and the planet. Through our own learnings, we’ve come to view our own decisions with a renewed awareness…

  • Coconut-derived cleansers that effectively clean grime, dirt, and germs.
  • A gentle, non-stripping formula that doesn’t strip the skin, even with repeated use.
  • Pure essential oils for aromas that uplift, rejuvenate, energize and soothe the senses

The decision to prioritize responsibly sourced plant-based ingredients, which always made sense to us, is now even more important during this crucial time in our planet’s climate crisis.

Our new look has since taken on greater meaning, too. 

While the decision to incorporate recycled plastic into our bottles marks the latest in our efforts to help the planet heal, the update to the new dark amber color means the natural ingredients inside now have better protection from UV rays. With hand washing more vital than ever, we want customers to feel confident that our hand soap is always effective at keeping them clean.

Most of us likely never viewed hand soap and regularly washing our hands as acts of bravery and kindness. But now we know that incorporating those practices into our lives in earnest has always been about protecting everyone’s wellbeing. 

Sounds pretty courageous to us.